OPP OF THE DAY: Charity Shop Assistant, the Sunshine Shop

Volunteers will be working in a charity shop setting. Tasks will include:hopeshop
– Talking to customers and making them feel welcome in the shop.
– Advising and helping people as they shop.
– Operating the till and dealing with various types of payment.
– Answering customer enquiries.
– Keeping an eye on the security of the shop.
– Sorting donations of clothes, shoes and accessories into saleable stock and items for recycling.
– Preparing stock for sale by hanging, sizing, steaming and labelling each item.
– Pricing garments.

The Sunshine Shop also houses a Community Café, so if willing volunteers may also asked to clear a table.

The Sunshine Shop is a Community Charity Shop, so does not exist to make money on behalf of a specific charity. Clothes are deliberatley priced very cheaply, and some customers may have been identified as needing free clothes. A good dose of compassion, tact and sensitivity is essential.
A non-judgemental attitude and plenty of community spirit would also be advantageous as well as loads of common sense.
Previous shop experience would be useful, but not essential.
Willingness to learn and think on your feet.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Emma Crook
Partner Engagement BCFB
Tel: 01384 671250
Email: emma@blackcountryfoodbank.org.uk
Website: www.timestepcommunityhub.wix.com/home

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