Your Spotlight Hurts My Eyes!

This brilliant and thought provoking post certainly demonstrates the importance of having good practice measures in place when involving volunteers. Clear systems and transparency are essential. It’s so true that charities have to work harder at things. Thanks Meridian. Brilliant as always 🙂


In the Spotlight In the Spotlight I almost spit out my sip of coffee when I ran across this article a week ago. According to the story, a great grandmother was “sacked” from her nearly 30 year volunteer position at a thrift store for her inability to use a computer. The searing negative light this incident turned on made me cringe because as you can see from the selected comments I pasted below the link, non-profits all get lumped into the big barrel of rotten fish when a charity receives bad press.

Here are 3 comments from readers:

JHR16 days ago
Charities are beginning to stink to high heaven.

ycjarman17 days ago
NEVER help a Charity that doesn’t appreciate what you bring to it !

JBJB116 days ago
Strikes me a lot of charities have lost sight of what they are supposed to be doing and more concerned in becoming corporate enterprises

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