OPP OF THE DAY: Minibus Driver, Age UK Dudley

Purpose of the role:age uk dudley
To drive clients as part of the Daybreak service in a responsible and competent manner, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers

Duties and responsibilities:
– Collect bus from the designated parking area
– Carry out basic vehicle checks
– Report any vehicle defects and faults
– Ensure the vehicle is in a clean condition
– Refuel vehicle as necessary
– Be responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers and be aware of relevant vehicle legislation
– Ensure the correct use of the appropriate wheelchair tie-downs and passenger restraint systems
– When necessary, assist passengers entering and leaving the vehicle
– Report any concerns regarding clients to staff immediately for advice should a problem arise
– Maintain simple vehicle and driver’s records
– Adhere to the policies and procedures of Age UK Dudley
– Agree to a Disclosure and Barring Certificate
– Wear a personal identity badge whilst volunteering
– Represent the professional standards of the charity

Age UK Dudley will repay any agreed expenses (bus fares, etc) on production of receipts paid out in the course of journeys, so that you are not out of pocket. Travel expenses will be paid on a mileage basis for all authorised journeys undertaken. Lunch (if volunteering over lunchtime period)

– A liking for and an empathy with older people
– Patience and understanding
– The ability to work as part of a team
– Good listening skills and an understanding of safety issues
– An understanding of the need for confidentiality
– A reasonable level of fitness
– Good timekeeping
– Reliability and trustworthiness

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

René Evans
Tel: 01384 356150
Email: volunteer@ageukdudley.org.uk

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