OPP OF THE DAY: Rehab Support Volunteer, Headway Black Country

COMMITMENT: Minimum 2.5 hours a week for six monthsHeadway Black Country
RESPONSIBLE TO: Day Services & Volunteer Co-ordinator
ROLE SUMMARY: Working alongside staff you will provide support to
clients in a group setting and on an individual basis as well as assisting staff to deliver rehabilitation sessions.
LOCATION: Martin Hill Street, Dudley or West Midlands House, Willenhall.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
1. To work alongside staff and be part of delivering rehabilitation sessions to clients both in a group setting and individually.
2. To help staff set up before, and tidy up after each session.
3. To support clients in completing activities, prompting, guiding and encouraging them.
4. To observe clients and provide feedback to staff on their activities and progress.
5. To help with making and serving refreshments.
6. To support clients with their eating or drinking.
7. To drive clients to and from locations as part of their activities (if you are willing and able).
8. To comply with any reasonable instruction given by a member of staff as part of the day-to-day running of Headway.
9. To participate in regular supervision with the Day Services & Volunteer Co-ordinator.
10. To comply with Headway Black Country’s policies and procedures. This includes presenting yourself in a professional manner, maintaining client confidentiality and
working in a way that keeps Headway a safe and healthy environment.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Ben Newton
Tel: 01384 869961
Email: ben@headwayblackcountry.co.uk
Website: www.headwayblackcountry.com

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