Let us help you get the skills you need to support volunteers

Our next training session is on Friday 22nd May, 9-12 in Brierley Hill. If you’d like to come along, please email Eileen on eileenfielding@dudleycvs.org.uk

Ensuring that your volunteers are properly supported and feel valued is the secret of any successful volunteer programme.

If volunteers feel valued and involved they will enjoy their volunteering, bringing positive benefits to your organisation and those you support.

Our workshop will cover:

  • What elements of good practice are part of supporting volunteers
  • The benefits to both the volunteer and the organisation
  • Reprimanding volunteers – what’s acceptable behaviour / requires challenging
  • Share hints/tips on what works well with other volunteer managers
  • Case studies to see the consequences of poor support/supervision

2 thoughts on “Let us help you get the skills you need to support volunteers

    • Hi Sonny. It’s not part of my vol mgt training, but is really useful if you want to learn about various social media eg Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc. If you are confident in those areas you can always come along as a ‘surgeon’ and help those who aren’t confident in these areas. If you want more info or would like to book, follow this link http://socialmediasurgery.com/surgeries/Halesowen I am going along with Lorna and Becky from Dudley CVS. 🙂


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