A Form Letter in Good Form



“Carlos is one of those volunteers who just knows what to do,” LeAnne said proudly. “He understands rules and boundaries, doesn’t need much instruction and always, and I mean always,” she laughs, “turns in his reports and attends meetings. My only problem is I can’t clone him. He’s so good, I started to pick his brain, wanting to know the magic thoughts in there and I discovered that he had volunteered for quite some time in another city before he moved here. He told me about that program and how his volunteer coordinator was instrumental in teaching him so much about being a good volunteer.” LeAnne sighed. “I really would love to thank her for that.”

Ahhhhh, volunteers that have volunteered successfully at another organization. It’s like finding a hair stylist with lots of experience and training. (No, wait, it’s actually much better)

I’ve been on both ends of this…

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OPP OF THE DAY: Befriending – Telephone Friend, The Silver Line

“Loneliness is not having anyone to tell that you are lonely”.silverline

Did you know? In the UK, more than 1 million people aged over 65 say they often or always feels lonely. We have 1,000 older people waiting for a Silver Line Friend. They have chosen to be called Silver Liners.

By volunteering as a Telephone Friend for The Silver Line, we match you to a Silver Liner that you call once a week.

“Just speaking to someone helps me cope a little better” – Silver Liner

This is a volunteer role that you can do from home or from work. All you need is access to a telephone and the internet. We ask for a commitment of up to a year where possible and the ability to make your call on the same day and time each week. Friendship calls can be made between 8am and 8pm Monday – Sunday.

The Silver Line pays for the cost of all friendship calls and for safety reasons we also record the calls.

In the time it takes to read the paper, watch the news or take a trip to the shop, you can volunteer with The Silver Line. A regular 30-minute call from a friend really can change the life of a lonely person.

See how a call from a Silver Line Friend makes a big difference by searching ‘The Silver Line’ on YouTube.

About The Silver Line:
The Silver Line is the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK, open every day and night of the year. Our specially trained helpline staff:

– Offer information, friendship and advice
– Link callers to local groups and services
– Protect and support those who are suffering abuse and neglect

If callers would like to be put in touch with Silver Line Friends, they can receive a weekly friendship call or a regular friendship letter. Silver Line Friends are volunteers who have contacted The Silver Line because they enjoy talking to older people.

To be a Silver Line Telephone Friend you will need:

– To be aged 18 and over
– Access to the internet and an email account
– A UK, Channel Isles, or Isle of Man, landline telephone (we cannot facilitate calls from other countries)
– To be able to commit to a 30-minute friendship call, at the same time and day each week, for up to a year
– To want to speak to, and build a relationship with an older person

Further FAQs:
1. Does this vacancy require any particular skills, qualities or experience?
The most important skills you need as a volunteer in this role is to enjoy conversation with older people and have the ability to listen.

2. Is this role flexible?
You must be able to commit to the same time and day each week to make your 30-minute friendship call. Your call can take place any day of the week, from 8am – 8pm.

3. What does the application process involve?
Our application process requires each volunteer to complete an application form and provide details for two references. There will be a 20/30-minute telephone interview and then a 90-minute training session that takes place on the phone, with up to 5 volunteers.

4. Is there anyone that is not suitable for this opportunity?
This role is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18.

The Silver Line website: www.thesilverline.org.uk/

The Silver Line Volunteering Page: www.thesilverline.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering/

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Rachel Robinson
Email: volunteering@thesilverline.org.uk

My first weeks at Dudley CVS

Dudley CVS blog

It’s been an action packed start!

I’ve hugely enjoyed my first few weeks as Communication Officer at Dudley CVS, there are so many exciting and innovative projects happening in the Dudley borough.

To introduce myself, my name is Helena and I thought with this first blog it might be interesting to pull out some particularly exciting moments from my first few weeks..


In my first week I was invited to ‘Mass Connect’ an event organised by Andy Mullaney, Dudley’s first Business Connector. The concept was created to encourage connections and collaboration between the Public, Private and Third sectors.

Andy used an effective method to connect people at the event by introducing each person with a short summary of their company, enterprise, charity or group, providing an opportunity for people to note down key connections for collaboration.

This was followed by a productive networking session, a great opportunity to mingle and find…

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What Am I Thankful For? Fantasies



Ok, so maybe we, volunteers managers can’t control everything in our little sphere (gasp, but I want to, so, so, so badly). Maybe we sometimes retreat to a fantasy world in our heads that exists across from the “10 super easy ways to get volunteers” list that inhabits our nightmares.

Is that so bad? Well, no, not when you consider that maybe our fantasies are really brightly disguised goals on steroids. Unless of course the fantasies involve the demise of someone at work, then, well, find some help, ok?
But positive fantasies can tell us a lot about our wishes and dreams and dismissing them as nonsense may also help push our goals to the back of our minds (next to the dream of being the first person ever to have dinner with Bigfoot-in the forest, with wine, a nice Chablis, but I digress). So heck, let’s just descend into…

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An insight into the emotional health and wellbeing of young people from minority ethnic communities in Dudley

Dudley (CYPF) Network

On behalf of The Dudley Children and Young People Alliance Board

We would like to invite you to a Drama Performance and Discussion Workshop

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Himley Hall, Swimming Pool Room

An insight into the emotional health and wellbeing of young people from minority ethnic communities in Dudley

Thanks for Asking is a collection of monologues developed by Women & Theatre, through a research process involving individual interviews, group sessions and participatory workshops. The pieces capture different people’s experiences and perceptions of issues affecting Young People’s wellbeing in the borough of Dudley, their access to services and their views on the cultural competency of them, as well as effective tips and strategies for maintaining positive mental health and celebrating the impact of good practice.

Public Health commissioned this research, to gain a better understanding of the potential determinants of ethnic inequalities in mental health and wellbeing for…

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