Attention: The Volunteer Department Now Has Ground Rules


Ground Rules for Volunteer Departments

“I need 8 volunteers or maybe 9, no wait,” she says, grabbing your arm in the hallway, “yeah, make it 10, the more the better, right?” Her attention is on the person down the hall, but she glances over her shoulder. “Have them at the Reed Center at 9 tomorrow.”

Well, hello ground rules. Continuing the conversation from last week, (and a big shout out to everyone who weighed in here and onLinkedInwith great ideas on their excellent ground rules) here are two ways to look at setting them up.


Three staff members request volunteers. Count the number of letters to determine which request gets top priority: The smallest number of letters wins.

Amy: A

Roz: R

Herschel: H

Ground Rules

As you can see, Herschel clearly wins even though he only gave 3 days’ notice to find volunteers versus the week Roz gave. …

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Six simple steps to involving volunteers #wiseupwednesdays

Involving volunteers can work wonderfully for an organisation if time and care are put into creating a set of volunteer management systems that reflect your organisation, and include recommended good practice.

It’s also essential to plan before involving volunteers to ensure your organisation has everything in place to make it a successful relationship for both organisation and volunteer!

This is a series of 7 posts covering six key areas to consider and plan for when involving volunteers.

Need help with managing volunteers? Please contact Eileen on 🙂

OPP OF THE DAY: Schools Outreach Volunteer, R.S.P.B

The RSPB’s Schools Outreach Project aims to bring thousands of primary school children closer to nature by connecting them with the nature in their school grounds.

As a Schools Outreach Volunteer you’ll play an essential role in this project. You’ll be responsible for delivering sessions in schools, helping children to explore nature in their school grounds; igniting their curiosity, showing them the difference they can make to their environment and motivating them to spend more time outdoors.

Studies show children are becoming increasingly distant from nature. As a result, our children are missing out. Experiencing natural places is beneficial to everyone, especially children, for their health, wellbeing, personal and social development and it’s essential in helping children develop positive attitudes towards nature.

Your natural enthusiasm and knowledge will be vital in encouraging and inspiring children and their teachers to take an interest in the wildlife on their doorstep and make their school grounds more nature friendly.

We’d like you to have previous experience of working with children, preferably primary school aged. You will need excellent communication skills and should be able to work with a range of ages and abilities. You should be creative, and enthusiastic about wildlife and conservation. You’ll need to be able to work as part of a team and on your own. You must be well organised and highly motivated. You will need to be able to give and take instructions. References will be sought.

Preferably one day a fortnight, but some flexibility

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Helen Reid
Tel: 01295 253330

Outstanding Citizen Awards- Who do you know who is an outstanding citizen?

Dudley (CYPF) Network

Outstanding Citizen Awards 2018 – Nomination Form

Please find below details of the Outstanding Citizen Award for 2018 which was launched at the end of January and is looking for  the unsung heroes of the West Midlands to be nominated for the Award.

Nominations are now being accepted for the following categories:

Outstanding Citizen

Outstanding Young Citizen

Outstanding Community Project

Individuals or organisations who are nominated for the awards will be voluntary or community based and will have shown consistent dedication to their community over a period of time, giving up their own time and helping others in ways which contribute to community safety or reducing crime and disorder.  The closing date for nominations willbe Monday 9 April 2018, and there will then be an Awards Ceremony held on Thursday 5 July 2018.  As with previous years custody visitors will also be presented with long service awards on the…

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Inspiring Leadership Training at Phase Trust for VCO leaders across Dudley

Dudley (CYPF) Network


Thursday 1st March saw the first “Leadership Matters” workshop for third sector leaders on “Moments that matter: Dealing with Conflict”.

12 leaders came together to see whether there was any synergy in having a leadership training track, in a safe environment to learn and give themselves permission to take much deserved time in investing in their leadership skills.

Jayne Sargeant, leader of Phase Trust, facilitated the session which covered causes and sources of conflict, consequences, style of conflict and gave some basic tools for handling and managing conflict.

The overwhelming feedback from this pilot session was that this was an excellent chance to reflect on our own practice, gave lots of helpful ideas on how to deal with conflicts currently faced and that more sessions like this were needed and wanted.

The hope is that this will be the start of leaders not only receiving investment into…

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OPP OF THE DAY: Residential Holiday Volunteer, Birmingham PHAB Camps

Accountable to:
The Leader of the holiday & the Birmingham PHAB Camps Committee
Function: To facilitate, with the leader and other volunteers, the smooth running of the holiday and to provide support for the young people on the holiday.

Birmingham PHAB Camps is a small, totally voluntary, organisation whose aim is to encourage the integration of disabled and non-disabled young people. The charity is managed by a small committee of volunteers, there are no paid members of staff.

We arrange holidays for groups of twenty or so young people, in various age groups, during school holidays. Half of the participants have disabilities and half are non-disabled. We also arrange holidays for groups with severe multiple disabilities and autism.

We try to provide a range of stimulating activities from canoeing and archery to raft building and ropes courses, along with visits to theme parks, farms and swimming.

The young people are given the opportunity to participate in new and challenging experiences and everyone can take part together, no matter what their ability. Many of the young people involved have no other opportunity of a holiday.

Role Outline: As a volunteer on a Birmingham PHAB Camps holiday you will work with other volunteers to provide appropriate personal care and support to the young people on the holiday, so that they may access the activities and events on an equal level with their peers. You will assist the Leader to ensure the safety of all of the young people at all times, and participate in the activities on the holiday to ensure their smooth running.

Main Activities:
• You will work with other volunteers to provide assistance to the young people on the holiday as required, including all personal care requirements. You will take into account their right to privacy and dignity at all times.
• You will supervise the young people at meal times and provide assistance as required.
• You will supervise the young people during activities, on and off site, to ensure their safety and their ability to access the activities on offer.
• You will work with the leader and other volunteers to organise and facilitate activities during the holiday.
• Be aware of and willing to accommodate the young people’s individual requirements.

Useful Skills/Attributes:
• Friendly and approachable with the ability to work individually and as part of a team.
• A good team player with effective communication skills.
• A reliable and responsible individual, with initiative and effective interpersonal skills.
• Have an interest in working with young people who have a variety of abilities and are sensitive and understanding of the differing needs of individuals.
• Have enthusiasm and imagination.
• A willingness to get involved with activities on the holiday and have fun.

Special Requirements:
• A willingness to work in an environment where some of the participants may have behavioural issues.
• An ability to adhere to safe working practices and procedures, including the safe lifting of young people as required.
• References and a Disclosure and Barring Service (formally CRB) check are required for all volunteer roles.

What you may gain from volunteering in this role:
• The satisfaction of helping to provide a holiday for disadvantaged and disabled young people.
• An understanding of disabilities and an insight into the problems faced by young people on a daily basis.
• Gain knowledge and experience of care giving.
• Development of organisational and communication skills.
• Opportunity for social interaction with others and meeting new people.
• The knowledge that your contribution will have a positive effect on the lives of young people.

Further Information:
It is expected that all volunteers:
• Undertake their volunteering in accordance with Birmingham PHAB Camps assertion that all our participants are children / young adults first and disabled second, and that they all be treated equally. This belief promotes respect between the young people on the holidays and recognises their skills and entitlement to choice and independence.
• Adhere to the Birmingham PHAB Camp’s Child Protection Policy Safe Guarding Procedures at all times.
• Attend any training required to support the health and safety of the holidays and the effective undertaking of their volunteering role.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Kirsty Hayward