Tips for being successful with your funding applications

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Organisations in the voluntary, community and faith sector have, over many years, carried out essential and important work helping people who are vulnerable, disadvantaged, lonely and unable to access services for a variety of reasons. As a consequence of what they do they are able to apply for grants from a variety of funding bodies such as trusts/foundations (e.g. Lloyds Bank Foundation, Henry Smith Charity and Garfield Weston Foundation) as well as national funders such as BBC Children in Need and the Big Lottery.

In these times of austerity and poverty the role of charitable organisations in society and communities has increased massively however many of them have experienced funding cuts and, as a result, there has been a massive strain on their resources affecting their ability to support vulnerable people to the extent that they used to.

So what are the options facing these organisations? Some…

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Why not join Steve Waltho for the Peace Walk on 21st September? @stevejwaltho @DudleyCVS @StJohnschurchPG @bishopdudley #worldpeaceday

Following the tremendous success of our Fort William visit last month we have worked with St Johns Preservation Group and are staging the event below on World Peace Day this coming Friday 21st Sept. I will be leading the Peace Walk (about a mile if that) to Cawney Hill which is geographically the highest point in the borough. We hope to announce that plans to build a Peace Cairn to commemorate the great Bert Bissell (who built the Cairn on the summit of Ben Nevis) will be commenced in the future.

Please feel free to join us and bring friends. We hope the event will then become an annual feature in our calendar. Thank you, 

Peace and best wishes,

Cllr Steve Waltho

(Chair Bert Bissell Memorial Society) 


A club for everyone! Dudley Rowing Club

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You’d be forgiven for not associating landlocked Dudley with watersports! But did you know there are lots of opportunities to get on (and in!) the water without venturing too far from home? There’s the canal network, where Stourbridge Arm Canoe Club paddle; there’s the lake at Himley Hall that I once fell in after an argument with an uncooperative kayak, and which is home to Himley Hall Sailing Club; there’s all sorts going on at Dudley Watersports Centre based at Lodge Farm Reservoir in Netherton, including waterskiing and wakeboarding, sailing, scuba diving and open water swimming!

One of the newest additions to Dudley Watersports Centre is Dudley Rowing Club, a friendly group that wants to pass its love of rowing to anyone and everyone. I met with them recently to find out more about them, discuss their plans and help them to find some funders that might support…

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Volunteers and the Law – Clarify myths and understand your legal responsibilities

  • Do volunteers have the same rights as employees?
  • Health and safety doesn’t apply to volunteers does it?
  • Are you aware how easy it is to create a contract with volunteers?

Many volunteer-involving organisations are not aware of the legal implications when working with volunteers. Our session aims to dispel myths and clarify your legal responsibilities. We also use actual case studies where volunteers have taken organisations to court, to help demonstrate bad practice when involving volunteers.

We are planning to run our popular Volunteers and the law training on 20th November 2018 in Brierley Hill. To book your place please visit our Eventbrite listing


The charge for the training is £10 to cover the cost of room hire and refreshments.

What will the session cover?

  • Defining volunteering and when someone is not a volunteer
  • Who can or cannot volunteer and conditions that may apply
  • How current legislation has implications for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations
  • Identifying volunteers’ rights and the responsibilities of organisations when involving volunteers
  • Taking steps to avoid creating employment conditions with volunteers
  • Evaluating a legal case study and discuss the likely outcome



Just What is the Value of a Volunteer?


Just what is the value of a volunteer

Do organizations value volunteer Luis because he has this rare ability to look into the eyes of someone and open his being to receiving their pain? Do organizations value volunteer Mary because she drops everything and comes in when there’s an immediate need? Are all volunteers valued strictly for their volunteering? Or, do you sometimes get the uncomfortable feeling that certain volunteers are more highly thought of than others in your organization?

It’s kinda true that some volunteers are more likable than others and volunteer managers have a challenge to overcome when staff doesn’t like a volunteer (see When Staff Doesn’t “Like” a Volunteer). But, besides likability, are there other reasons some volunteers are regarded more highly behind the closed wooden doors of organizational structure?

Does a senior manager get all giddy when a volunteer bequeaths money to the organization (and then stands at your desk with a big…

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Do you need to update your volunteer management systems? We can help @DudleyCVS

Are you new to managing volunteers?

Do you think you need to update your volunteer management systems?

Have you suddenly acquired volunteer management responsibilities and don’t know where to start?

Why not book a place on our next training session?

Whatever your needs, our special full day session on volunteer management techniques and tools is bound to help!

You will take a journey through every element of good practice for a volunteer programme, right from preparing necessary policies before involving volunteers, through planning volunteer involvement, recruiting, supporting, retaining, to volunteers leaving. Every learner will be provided with a resources including information sheets, publications and sample documents to take away and of course, the Volunteer Centre will be happy to support learners as they develop their systems, offering ongoing support and information.