Could you support those who have experienced domestic abuse with SODA?

I’ve been asked to share the following, by Sam Billingham who set up SODA.  Hopefully someone out there can help support this important local group!

“Right ok, here goes……As you probably know by now I am a survivor of domestic abuse, who for many years has been raising lots of awareness. I now want to take it a step further and work within the community, and for the community offering ongoing support.

This morning I had a meeting with the store manager at Tesco Stourbridge. They are going to help launch SODA, early January 2016. We are going to get a cardboard house ( hopefully ) where people can donate toiletries etc for those who leave abusive relationships with nothing.

It will be an ongoing campaign where we can advertise SODA with posters and leaflets etc. If anyone has any donations please let me know. Also if anyone can help with printing leaflets etc, please let me know.

I have been invited to a launch of a new charity run by a survivor of domestic abuse. Dee Kelly’s (White Dee from Benefits Street) Manager has invited me and yes, she will be there lol

I believe aftercare and ongoing support is vital for all victims of domestic abuse.”