Post 23. Money VS Morals.

Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre:

A different aspect on what volunteering can do for you. Loving this blog post and had to share it with my blog followers. Thanks for sharing your journey Susan xx

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I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a while now, but I felt it had no real depth or substance, but after an amazing start to 2015 I feel that now is a very apt time to share my thoughts.

I’m finding myself in a situation that I don’t think that many people would either,

A, envisage themselves to be in


B, be lucky enough to be in

Mine is a story about job seeking, nothing new about that I hear you say, unemployment is rife all over the world, so why should this story be any different. Well it is, as it’s a story that started out about an individual that wanted more money and a wealthier lifestyle and a bigger bank balance, a person that wanted to get out of the system and into employment, where they would stand for something and be a role model…

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Who should Dudley Council’s new tweeting Chief Exec be having conversations with?

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Hats off to Dudley Council’s new Chief Executive, Sarah Norman. At 8.35am on her first day in the job last Monday she tweeted:

The twitter account @SarahNormanCX is a brand new one, and I am loving the commitment being made to using it. The Chief Executive of Dudley Council has been regularly sharing updates from her day, asking questions and retweeting other council and partner organisation accounts . (You have no idea how deliriously happy it makes me to have just typed that last sentence.)

This is spurring me in to action. I’ve already renewed my commitment to posting here, and have some great things lined up to share about #digitaldudley. And thanks to Sarah Norman I’m going to get something added to this site which I planned…

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Are you looking for a voluntary role in Halesowen Town Centre? If so, we have just the role for you!

Beacon Centre for the Blind is seeking volunteers to help in its retail shop in Halesowen.

We are seeking volunteers to help on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Ideally volunteers should be mature, with good communication skills. Retail experience is desirable but not essential, as long as you are willing to learn.

There are a variety of tasks that we need help with e.g.

  • Sorting clothes
  • Steaming
  • Pricing
  • Keeping the shop tidy
  • Helping customers
  • Serving customers and using the till
  • Security and watching out for shoplifters

Interested? Please contact Dawn on 0121 501 1888

Do Volunteers Have Privacy? Naaah!

Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre:

This is appalling, but I’ve experienced this myself. What really worries me is how the poor volunteer whose alleged depression would feel, if they knew they were being discussed. As volunteer managers it’s up to us to tackle this kind of occurrence and show HR and other management, that good practice involving volunteers is about doing the best you can for your volunteers, above and beyond what’s required by law or regulations. Volunteers deserve no less. Sorry I’ll climb off my soap box now, thanks Meridian.

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gossipingDo volunteers have a right to privacy? While we’re on the subject, how much privacy do we, employees have? What can employers divulge about us and what should we divulge about our volunteers?

I guess we can all run to our legal departments and get an official statement but what is our real policy? For an example, a couple of months ago, I was approached by a senior manager and the following conversation took place.

SM: Hi, I just needed to ask you a question. Do you have a volunteer by the name of Abigail Drake?
Me: Yes, Abigail is one of our volunteers.
SM: Oh, ok, I need to talk to you about her.
Me: Please, sit down and let’s talk.
SM: Well, yesterday, they sent me a call from a woman who said she was Abigail’s neighbor.
Me: Oh? Is Abigail all right?
SM: That’s not it. The…

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