Find your perfect match in 3 minutes!

April 24, 2014

speedmatching and marketplace flyer

Are you looking for new Trustees, Board members or Committee Members? Why not try something different and attend our Speedmatching event.

You will have a few minutes to convince potential volunteers that you are the right organisation for them!

Click HERE to book yourself a place

So You Want to be a Community Leader?

April 24, 2014

trustee wordsAs budget cuts force public sector services to diminish, so voluntary organisations and charities are taking an increasing role in keeping alive local services. And more demand for volunteers also means more demand for people to lead those volunteers and help guide voluntary organisations through changing and challenging, but also exciting times.

Dudley Council for Voluntary Service is hosting two FREE events for people who like the idea of taking a leading role in a community organisation but are not quite sure what it might entail and are keen to find out more. The two ‘Leading Community Organisations’ events are informal and will be held in Brierley Hill on Wednesday 7th May and Saturday 10th May. Information will be shared about how voluntary organisations contribute to local communities, their legal commitments and what it means to be a Trustee or member of a governing board.

For more information call Dale Pickin of Dudley CVS on 01384 573381.


Halesowen Asian Elderly Association require a volunteer to help set up room for meetings

April 23, 2014

A volunteer is required to set up the centre for service users every Monday morning and then remove the furniture at tMoving furniturehe end of
the session.

Roles/tasks available for disabled volunteers.

Out of pocket expenses reimbursed.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Mr Mohammed Nawaz Dar
Halesowen Asian Elderly Association
St. Paul’s Church Hall
Vicarage Road
B62 8HX
Tel: 0121 559 5287 (Centre)/07730 881977



Leading Community Organisations 7th or 10th May 2014

April 23, 2014

trustee flyer

Dudley Borough – powered by Volunteers!

April 23, 2014

Dudley Borough - powered by Volunteers!

Here’s last year’s Volunteer Award winners with our Volunteering Champion the Mayor of Dudley, Cllr Alan Finch. It could be your volunteer[s] this year! Why not watch our feed for the launch and get ready to nominate!

How to fill in your DBS Forms!

April 23, 2014


Just had the latest newsletter from DBS and thought I would share some elements that may be useful to you.


As part of the changes made to our service, we’ve replaced the equipment used for scanning paper application forms.

This means we now can’t accept forms where signatures are outside the box provided, or which have been completed in blue ink.

It’s more important then ever to stick to the lists of ‘YOU MUST and ‘YOU MUST NOT’ on the front of the application form.

These include:

  • Use black ink throughout
  • Keep signatures within the box provided
  • Insert only one character in each box
  • Put a line through a mistake, and correct it to the right.
  • Do not use correction fluid

Developing our services will mean we can eventually offer new and improved products built around your needs, but we need your help to do this. If the guidelines on the form aren’t followed, the application may be rejected.

A reminder

To help us process your application forms as quickly and accurately as possible, please note for all applications, section x61 of the application form must be completed with the appropriate workforce (at line 1) and position applied for (at line 2). 


Our e-guide is available to give you further help if you’re unsure about how to fill out the application form.


April 22, 2014

Take the plunge – involve some younger volunteers! [Take Three]

April 22, 2014

PRL_4790Top Tips – part one

So you’ve decided you would like to engage young volunteers, what do you need to do next?

Promote the role

You will need to target areas where young people gather to ensure maximum promotion examples could include:

  • Princes Trust groups
  • Young people’s projects
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Careers Departments
  • Youth clubs

Make sure you keep the language informal

Ask young people to volunteer specifically e.g. ‘we are looking for volunteers 14-18 years of age’, as they may not realise that you take younger volunteers

Consult young people on the best way to design recruitment materials and messages to reach as many young people as possible.  Also for advice on what sort of roles young people would like to take up or develop within your project.

Why not use social media or text to reach young people?  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr are all popular

Devise clear role descriptions and expectations, and adjust them with the young person if need be!

  • Make the roles simple and achievable
  • Keep the roles within a young person’s ability – don’t create roles that require lots of experience
  • Give them training to develop and progress in their roles within the project over time
  • Allow the young person to learn from their mistakes without retribution, or negativity from other staff/volunteers
  • Try to make sure the role is vibrant and fun if possible
  • Try to make the role more flexible time wise, so that young people can get there – you may need to work around school or college commitments
  • Try to be flexible with commitment – if you have short-term roles for events etc. these could be perfect roles for young people – setting up gazebos, tables, helping with refreshment stalls, the list is endless.  Or  you may need to offer shorter time-slots so they can juggle with their other commitments

What’s the secret to finding people to lead your community organisation?

April 22, 2014

Originally posted on Dudley CVS blog:



Finding and recruiting new leaders for your community organisation needn’t be as hard as locating the elusive Easter Bunny.

This post briefly looks at how ‘community organisations’ (shorthand for the wide range of organisations that make up our vibrant sector – charities, voluntary organisations, faith groups, sports clubs, social enterprises…) can find and recruit new ‘leaders’ (e.g. trustees, committee members, directors, board members) to keep them diverse, relevant and strong in a changing climate.

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Volunteers and the Law Information Session for Dudley Borough

April 21, 2014
Volunteers & the Law: 22nd October 2013

Volunteers & the Law: 22nd October 2013

Great news :) Just had my venue confirmed for a session on Volunteers and the Law, Thursday 12th June in Brierley Hill.

Please follow the link below to book:

Do volunteers have the same rights as employees?

  •  Health and safety doesn’t apply to volunteers does it?
  •  Do your volunteers sign a contract?

Many volunteer-involving organisations are not aware of the legal implications when working with volunteers. Our session aims to dispel myths and clarify your legal responsibilities. We also use actual case studies where volunteers have taken organisations to court, to help demonstrate bad practice when involving volunteers.

We aim to give participants:

  • An understanding of how current legislation has implications for 
    volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.
  • Knowledge of good practice recommendations relating to the management of volunteers.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to plan for their own organisation in terms of how legislation affects management of their own volunteers.


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