OPP OF THE DAY: Hate Crime Champion, Summit House Support

Responsible to: Project Co-ordinatorsummithousesupport
Hours available: 6 month project 4 Jan-4 July 2016
Hours will vary – includes some evening and weekend commitment

To support and champion the work of SHS: aiding and providing support to people who have experienced the effects of Hate Crime; assisting with the running of our Hate Crime Initiative across the Dudley Borough. Based at Wolverhampton University.

Duties include:
– Contributing to the HCI Facebook group, and regular updates for the Twitter feed.
– Championing the Anti-Hate Crime cause within the student community.
– Organising & Assisting with the facilitation of ‘Roadshows’, events, promotional/information materials, discussion groups etc. in the student community.
– Assisting with the organisation and facilitation of social activities and courses within the student community
– Offering a befriending/advocate/champion service to tstudents affected by experiences around Hate Crime.
– Advising on, and aiding with reporting Hate crime Experiences…ensuring confidentiality, retaining control in the hands of the victim.
– Liaison between partner & associate groups and organisations
– Facilitate ‘hand-down’ training & skills to other volunteers.

Time Commitment: Will vary – may include some evening and weekend commitment

Location: Primarily Campus’ and student digs, delivery location will vary.

The following skills/experience are helpful:
– Understanding of the challenges facing the LGBTQ community
– Understanding of effects of Hate Crime on victims
– Understanding of social media
– Listening skills
– Welcoming and friendly disposition
– Ability to talk to others
– Ability to maintain boundaries
– To have a positive attitude
– To follow Summit House policies and procedures

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Jacky Khan
Email: jacky@shsl.org.uk
Tel: 01384 243220

OPP OF THE DAY: Course marshal, Kids Run Free

You’ll assist in helping the children around the course ( a simple 250mtr square set up ), kidsrunfreeencouraging their participation, and possibly running alongside them for added inspiration. You’ll interact with the children and make the races as fun and enjoyable for them as possible.

You’ll be outgoing, enthusiastic and be good with children.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Justin Mullis
Email: justin@kidsrunfree.co.uk
Website: www.kidsrunfree.co.uk

Pack your toolkit, you’re off to manage volunteers! @DudleyCVS #wiseupwednesdays #volmgttoolkit

I am often asked questions about good practice when involving volunteers, or for sample policies, procedures etc., so a few years ago I wrote a ‘Volunteer Management Toolkit’

toolkitVolunteer Management Toolkit

Volunteers are a wonderful resource and without their support, many organisations would struggle to provide services to local communities and the people who live in them.

The Volunteer Centre has designed a toolkit to help you look at how you manage volunteers and involve them in your organisation.  It aims to give you suggestions for things to consider when you involve volunteers and areas of good practice to include in your management of volunteers.

To help you look at issues in a structured manner, the toolkit has been broken down into 9 sections:

  • The basis for volunteer involvement
  • How the organisation resources volunteering
  • Diversity in volunteering
  • The development of volunteer roles
  • Steps taken to protect volunteers
  • Fair recruitment procedures
  • Volunteer Induction
  • Volunteer support and supervision needs
  • Recognition of volunteer contributions

The sections have been cross-referenced against the indicators for the Investing in Volunteers [IiV] Standard, a national quality standard which demonstrates that organisations have good practice in place when involving volunteers.

The toolkit also includes a resource CD of sample documents, factsheets and information to help you ensure you are following good practice measures when involving volunteers.

We want to make sure our toolkit is fit for purpose and would like to invite volunteer-involving groups across the Dudley borough to try it out and give us their feedback.  Would you be interested in finding out more? If so, please contact Eileen Fielding at Dudley CVS Volunteer Centre on volunteer@dudleycvs.org.uk

OPP OF THE DAY: Warm Up Volunteer, Kids Run Free

kidsrunfreeYou’ll be responsible in taking the children through warm up routines. A Kids Run Free event usually hosts 4-5 races, with differing age groups, and each age group requires a different level of warm up routine. From the under 2’s through to the 9’s and above, so each require appropriate exercises and interaction with the children. Also, there’ll be our warm up circuit to lead them through, which is a series of hurdles, cones, sprint ladders and anything you see fit to include.

You’ll be outgoing, enthusiastic and be good working with children.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Justin Mullis
Email: justin@kidsrunfree.co.uk
Website: www.kidsrunfree.co.uk

OPP OF THE DAY: Registration Volunteer, Kids Run Free

You’ll greet the parents and children and record their attendance ( they’ll have an individual bar kidsrunfreecode that requires scanning ). You’ll explain the event format to any newcomers  and administer the post race duties ( each children receives a sticker upon completion of their race, which is placed into their individual race card ).

You’ll be confident in talking to people and be outgoing and enthusiastic.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Justin Mullis
Email: justin@kidsrunfree.co.uk
Website: www.kidsrunfree.co.uk

OPP OF THE DAY: Race Director, Kids Run Free

You’re in charge! You’ll have overall responsibility for the events and volunteers, and will be the kidsrunfreemain face and voice that the parents and children look to. You’ll set up the course and be prepared to store the equipment at your home ( hopefully we can store the equipment on site, but this is not always the case ) plus organise your team into the roles they have chosen. You will liaise with central office and the volunteers co-ordinator there, and be responsible for relaying any information regarding the event, such as, attendance figures and volunteer and parent feedback.
You will be confident in addressing a crowd of people and have good organisational skills, be outgoing, enthusiastic and reliable, and obviously need to be good working with, and inspiring children. One last thing, this will be your event, your baby and so you’ll love it, publicise it, talk about it, take photos of it and generally feel really proud that it is yours!

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Justin Mullis
Email: justin@kidsrunfree.co.uk
ebsite: www.kidsrunfree.co.uk