Age UK Dudley requires a Gateway Volunteer

To provide support to Gateway patients, and if necessary, enable them to access services to which they have been referred.AGE UK
To provide basic administrative support to the Gateway team.

Reporting to: Gateway Coordinator, Project Assistant

Duties include:
– To offer support to patients in their own home or over the telephone.
– To accompany patients to activities or appointments.
– To assist with basic administration duties as and when required e.g. filing, taking/making phone calls.
– To ensure the health and safety of clients at all times.
– To adhere to Age UK Dudley policies and procedures.
– To wear an identity badge whilst volunteering.
– To attend any relevant training.
– Willing to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service clearance.
– Must be willing to travel to various locations across the Dudley Borough and on occasion into neighbouring Boroughs

– Hold a current, clean driving license, and be insured for Class 1 Business use. Business mileage is currently reimbursed at 0.45p per mile.
– Willing to undertake manual handling training.
– Willing to undertake basic first aid training.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

René Evans
Volunteer Development Manager
Tel: 01384 356150

We’re mapping the diversity of our local volunteers!

volunteers colourAs I am sure you are aware, volunteers make a major social and economic contribution towards the quality of life for people across the Dudley borough.  In 2005 we did an audit and once we’d analysed the results, found that 14822 volunteers gave around 1 million hours that year!

However, we also want to know which age groups volunteers are from, what their employment status is etc.  Things have no doubt changed from the last survey and we are keen to get an up-to-date picture of the difference volunteers make to local communities and services.  The Volunteer Centre, for example, has seen a 300% increase in the number of unemployed people coming into the Centre to seek support to develop their skills, and enhance their employment prospects.

Dudley CVS are looking for your help in completing this audit which will be used to provide an accurate snapshot of local volunteering activity.  The information gained will be used to raise the profile of volunteering in the borough, demonstrate the diversity of volunteers and the impact they are making.  It will be shared with local stakeholders and the final report will be available in October, when interested groups may contact us for a copy or download it from our website.

Could you please complete this survey and forward it to anyone you know who works with volunteers across our borough. The more people who complete it, the more accurately we will be able to map volunteering activity. We know they make a difference and it would be nice to back this up with some current data. Please follow the link below to download the form.

2014 survey form

You can save this to your computer and fill in as you gather the information.  Please send the completed forms to Eileen or and contact us if you experience any problems with the form.

Thanks so much in anticipation of your support.  The closing date for completing them is Friday 26th September 2014.

Did You Steal My Idea?

Originally posted on volunteerplaintalk:

toddler cell phoneI was reading the Sunday paper and came across an article on a local man who volunteers. It was the predictable template that press articles post about a volunteer who has spent five decades shelving library books or is still volunteering at the age of 100.
I always read these volunteer articles as though I might be a prospective volunteer interested in the organization referenced. Sadly, not one article has actually piqued my interest and I highly doubt that new volunteers are beating down the doors after they read another article entitled “Volunteer turns 99, wants to keep volunteering when she reaches 100.” (Guess I know what article I’ll be reading a year from now).
I’ve been involved with articles on volunteers I’ve worked with and truly you can get down on your knees and beg and it doesn’t make a bit of difference, the paper is going to print…

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Age UK Dudley need volunteers for their kitchen at Bromley Methodist Church

Purpose: To Provide assistance and support to The Bromley Centre kitchen staff by helping with general kitchen duties.AGE UK
Reporting to: Jenny Bates
Location: The Bromley Centre

Duties and responsibilities:
– Engage with clients using the centre
– Ensure work surfaces remain clean
– Assist with washing up
– Stack and empty the dishwasher
– Serving supplied refreshments as required
– Maintain standards of food and kitchen hygiene
– Maintain standards in any food preparation and assist where required in food preparation
– Adhere to relevant Age UK Dudley policies and procedures
– To wear a personal identity badge whilst volunteering
– Represent the professional standards of the charity

– A liking for and an empathy with older people
– The ability to work as part of a team
– Good listening skills and an understanding of safety issues
– An understanding of the need for confidentiality
– Sense of humour
– Good timekeeping
– Reliability and trustworthiness

– Age UK Dudley will repay any agreed expenses (bus fares, etc) on production of receipts paid out in the course of journeys, so that you are not out of pocket. Travel expenses will be paid on a mileage basis for all authorised journeys undertaken.
– Lunch (If volunteering over lunchtime period)

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

René Evans
Volunteer Development Manager
Tel: 01384 356150

Volunteering : What’s in it for me?

volunteer_heart_of_community_logoSo you are considering volunteering, but not sure whether it’s for you or not.  Hopefully we can help you weigh up the potential of taking on a voluntary role and decide to take the plunge!

“Voluntary work, although lacking monetary reward, offers long-term benefits that far surpass money.  Volunteering can build your reputation for being a caring person with a strong work ethic.  According to the Timebank website, 73% of employers would prefer to hire someone who’s served as a volunteer!”   [ - advantages voluntary work]

So what are you looking for? What’s made you consider joining the thousands of volunteers already loving what they do across the UK?

We are going to do a series of blog posts, looking at the advantages of volunteering for you and the communities you volunteer with