‘In the Shadow of Elisabeth’ … Would you like to volunteer for an exciting local heritage project? Read on …


Volunteers, if you would like to grab this opportunity, access excellent training and work with the amazingly passionate Greig Campbell please use the contact details on the flyer attached.  If you would like to know more Greig would be more than happy to discuss the project with you.

Bilston Community Association are pleased to announce the launch of ‘In the Shadow of Elisabeth’ a ground breaking 15-month heritage project exploring the battle to save Bilston Steelworks.

BCA has received a generous £42,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to recruit 24 volunteers to collect the oral testimonies of the unionised steelworkers who fought so bravely to save their beloved plant between 1973 and 1980.  The volunteers will receive training in a range of heritage skills, including archival research, reminiscence guidance and oral history interviewing.  Once training is complete volunteers will be given the opportunity to conduct interviews with former steelworkers.  The interview material will then be incorporated into a range of project outputs co-designed by the volunteer team and heritage professionals.  These include an exhibition, an audio-visual documentary and a short booklet, which will be showcased to the wider community throughout 2016.

Volunteers will be provided with travel expenses for all events and have the opportunity to visit Wolverhampton City Archives and the Black Country Living Museum.  Complimentary refreshments will be served at each event.  At the end of the project participants will receive a copy of the ITSOE booklet and DVD, as well as a commemorative gift bag.

Total contribution to the project will be no more than 15 hours.

If anyone is interested in participating in the ITSOE project, please RSVP attendance to one of our official induction events scheduled at 1pm and 6pm on 16th February inside Bilston Community Centre, Prouds Lane, Bilston, WV14 6PW.   A flyer is attached to this email, as well as a volunteer registration form, which once completed should be sent to greig@itsoe.co.uk.


If you have any questions about the project please call the ITSOE Coordinator Greig Campbell on 07585669833 or email greig@itsoe.co.uk.


Help for Heroes require a Shop Volunteer at their Merry Hill branch

Join Team H4H in our store and gain valuable retail experience and excellent training to help boostHelpforHeroes your CV. Plus you will be doing your bit for our wounded heroes and know you are making a real difference.

About the opportunity:
Our Volunteers are at the heart of H4H. When volunteering in one of our stores you can work on the shop floors engaging with customers, meeting and greeting store visitors, helping to organise and unpack deliveries, assisting with merchandising stock and shop windows. You could even go out meeting people wearing our Hero the Bear costume!

About Help for Heroes:
Help for Heroes is one of the UK’s leading military charities. Our mission is to deliver an enduring national network of support for our wounded and their families. We will inspire and enable those who have made sacrifices on our behalf to achieve their full potential. The war in Afghanistan may be nearly over, but for those who have suffered life-changing injuries, their battles are just beginning. We will not let them fight these battles alone.

– Ability to provide a regular commitment (Minimum of a 4 hour shift/week)
– Interest or experience working in retail/ fashion/ with the general public
– Positive and passionate attitude towards visitors and team members
– An ability to work with and accept people from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances
– A non-critical or political approach (just want to do your bit)
– Smart appearance
– Open to training and coaching around service and charity messaging

How will you benefit?
– You will really make a difference when you do your bit for our wounded
– You will gain useful retail experience and excellent training to help boost your CV. Many volunteers have gone on to successful paid jobs – some within H4H.
– Meet all kinds of people and hear their stories
– Become part of a fun, friendly and passionate team
– Learn all about the Charity, whatwe do and how we help

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Daisy Paterson
Volunteer Coordinator
Tel: 01980 840 224
Email: daisy.paterson@helpforheroes.org.uk
Website: www.helpforheroes.org.uk/

Post 23. Money VS Morals.


A different aspect on what volunteering can do for you. Loving this blog post and had to share it with my blog followers. Thanks for sharing your journey Susan xx

Originally posted on A Glitch In my Matrix:

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a while now, but I felt it had no real depth or substance, but after an amazing start to 2015 I feel that now is a very apt time to share my thoughts.

I’m finding myself in a situation that I don’t think that many people would either,

A, envisage themselves to be in


B, be lucky enough to be in

Mine is a story about job seeking, nothing new about that I hear you say, unemployment is rife all over the world, so why should this story be any different. Well it is, as it’s a story that started out about an individual that wanted more money and a wealthier lifestyle and a bigger bank balance, a person that wanted to get out of the system and into employment, where they would stand for something and be a role model…

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Who should Dudley Council’s new tweeting Chief Exec be having conversations with?

Originally posted on Digital Dudley:

Hats off to Dudley Council’s new Chief Executive, Sarah Norman. At 8.35am on her first day in the job last Monday she tweeted:

The twitter account @SarahNormanCX is a brand new one, and I am loving the commitment being made to using it. The Chief Executive of Dudley Council has been regularly sharing updates from her day, asking questions and retweeting other council and partner organisation accounts . (You have no idea how deliriously happy it makes me to have just typed that last sentence.)

This is spurring me in to action. I’ve already renewed my commitment to posting here, and have some great things lined up to share about #digitaldudley. And thanks to Sarah Norman I’m going to get something added to this site which I planned…

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Are you looking for a voluntary role in Halesowen Town Centre? If so, we have just the role for you!

Beacon Centre for the Blind is seeking volunteers to help in its retail shop in Halesowen.

We are seeking volunteers to help on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Ideally volunteers should be mature, with good communication skills. Retail experience is desirable but not essential, as long as you are willing to learn.

There are a variety of tasks that we need help with e.g.

  • Sorting clothes
  • Steaming
  • Pricing
  • Keeping the shop tidy
  • Helping customers
  • Serving customers and using the till
  • Security and watching out for shoplifters

Interested? Please contact Dawn on 0121 501 1888

Do Volunteers Have Privacy? Naaah!


This is appalling, but I’ve experienced this myself. What really worries me is how the poor volunteer whose alleged depression would feel, if they knew they were being discussed. As volunteer managers it’s up to us to tackle this kind of occurrence and show HR and other management, that good practice involving volunteers is about doing the best you can for your volunteers, above and beyond what’s required by law or regulations. Volunteers deserve no less. Sorry I’ll climb off my soap box now, thanks Meridian.

Originally posted on volunteerplaintalk:

gossipingDo volunteers have a right to privacy? While we’re on the subject, how much privacy do we, employees have? What can employers divulge about us and what should we divulge about our volunteers?

I guess we can all run to our legal departments and get an official statement but what is our real policy? For an example, a couple of months ago, I was approached by a senior manager and the following conversation took place.

SM: Hi, I just needed to ask you a question. Do you have a volunteer by the name of Abigail Drake?
Me: Yes, Abigail is one of our volunteers.
SM: Oh, ok, I need to talk to you about her.
Me: Please, sit down and let’s talk.
SM: Well, yesterday, they sent me a call from a woman who said she was Abigail’s neighbor.
Me: Oh? Is Abigail all right?
SM: That’s not it. The…

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