Last few days for applicants for Community Support Fund @DudleyCVS

Dudley Building Society is calling everyone who has not already handed in their application for The Community Support Fund 2015, to do so by Monday 5th October 2015 at 5pm. Responses so far have been impressive, with Society staff being amazed with the vast amount of applications they have received. The Society are offering two donations of £500 and five additional opportunities to receive £100. The chosen applicants will receive support from the Society via joint press and social media support.

The deadline for applications is Monday 5th October 2015. Anyone wishing to apply for the fund can request an application from one of the local branches or download an application by visiting

OPP OF THE DAY: Volunteer Driver, Expert Patients Programme

Main aim:Driver
A volunteer driver helps us by picking up and dropping off course resources to community venues across the Dudley Borough for the delivery of the Chronic Disease Self Management Programme and its derivatives.

Meeting Tutors on Week 1 of the programme with the course resources and then again on Week 6 to return the resources to the Self Management Programme.

The resources can consist of a small pull along trolley consisting of books, hospitality etc, a set of slim A1 charts, flipchart stand.

Occasionally moving furniture (tables and chairs) if the room requires to be set up to deliver the course.

There are approximately 6 pickups/drop offs every 6 weeks.

Requirements of the Placement:
1. Complete a volunteer application form
2. Attend an interview
3. Complete and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check and Health Check
4. Own transport with room for equipment
5. Evidence of driving license insurance and MOT
6. Attend manual handling training

Duties and Responsibilities:
– To complete essential training, such as manual handling
– Assist the team by taking course equipment and materials to venues, including flipchart stands, pull along trolleys, books, participant details and a slim A1 carry case
– Treat all participant information in line with The Data Protection Act and Dudley MBC’s Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy.
– Occasionally set up rooms at the beginning of sessions if help is required.
– Liaise with team & volunteer tutors to agree mutually supportive roles.
– Give feedback to team suggesting improvements for consideration.
– Complete records as required
– Submit expense sheet in a timely manner, providing receipts for purpose of reimbursement of expenses (i.e. car parking, refreshments, itemised telephone bill and mileage at 0.40 pence per mile)
– Assist in recruitment of volunteers by raising awareness of volunteering opportunities within the programme.
– Adhere at all times to the Code of Conduct, volunteer agreement and relevant Dudley MBC Policies and Procedures
– Carry out the voluntary role under the supervision of the Self Management Programme Manager and Coordinator
– Ability to travel across the Dudley Borough in your own car to deliver equipment
– We suggest an annual free eye test to be conducted when over the age of 60, to ensure your safety and suitability for the role.

Volunteers will not be expected to incur out of pocket expenses.

– Over 18 years of age
– Must have own transport suitable for the role
– Insurance must cover voluntary duties
– Have an awareness of self management and its benefits
– Effective communications and interpersonal skills
– Patient, friendly, genuine and approachable
– Reliable
– The ability to accept and build on feedback from others
– Adaptable to working with different people
– Basic numeracy and literacy skills
– Committed to equal opportunities and understanding of diversity in cultures
– Ability and willingness to comply with the Volunteer Agreement and Dudley MBC policies and procedures
– Work in partnership with other volunteer tutors
– Smart in appearance
– Good time keeping
– We suggest you undertake a free annual eye test to be conducted when over the age of 60, to ensure your safety and suitability for the role.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Michelle Omeara
Tel: 01384 816 812


- healthIn this economy, it is the unfortunate truth that many have spent far longer unemployed than they would ever wish to. One of the biggest problems with extended unemployment is the malaise that settles over someone lost as to how to spend their days when waiting for a call back. Even worse, that kind of inactivity can look bad on job applications, making getting a job even harder the longer you remain unemployed.

Volunteering provides a way to spend time and provide a sense of purpose so you can feel like you are accomplishing something while out of work. It also can impress a potential employer who sees that when out of work, you continued to find fulfilling and useful ways to occupy yourself, displaying a drive above and beyond most other applicants.

Not all the benefits of having a job are monetary, and while volunteering lacks a paycheck at the end of the week, it often has those secondary benefits available in spades. Never discount how much working for free can increase your earning opportunity in the future!

OPP OF THE DAY: Workshop Assistant, bread2share

Supporting the smooth running of the bread making workshops.bread1

Helping to set up the workshop – cleaning surfaces – laying out equipment.
During the workshop – help with clearing up and washing up – helping to support the bakers with the bread making.
After the workshop – helping to clean and tidy up the area and equipment

Working with a group or individual to support them through the activity to develop their awareness of our tagline – ‘community, nourishment, wellbeing’.

There may be opportunities for wheelchair-users to do advertising/awareness raising but not at the workshops. This is to be considered further.


An interest in creative practice would be good. Also an interest in food would be great but both are not essential. An interest in supporting and enabling people is essential.

An ability to take the initiative and work in a team. Happy to muck in attitude! There is always a lot of washing up!

We work with severely disabled people, those with mental health issues for example, so an open mind and flexible approach to problem solving is always good.

We would encourage people to empower people to take part through an empathic approach.

People will need DBS checks. Also, it will probably be a requirement to have food hygiene certificates and health & safety (to confirm).

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Sarah Goudie