A snapshot of a week at Halas


Love this snapshot and some great photos :)

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We do faaaaaar to much to showcase everything that happens in one week at Halas but here’s a little snapshot    

We recently worked in collaboration with The National Citizens Service whereby a group of students came along to The Meeting Place to work on a photography project. Students from NCS learnt about Halas Homes and what it means to have a learning disability. Group work took place with facilitation from staff. Students from NCS and members from The meeting Place members talked about their lives which allowed a greater understanding of each others likes, dislikes, capabilities, dreams and wishes.

The project finished with studends from NCS showcasing their work at Dudley College and members from The Meeting Place attending and joining in with the presentation. This was a perfect opportunity for reflection and evaluation and some amazing photography was showcased by the students. Students talked to the audience about what…

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OPP OF THE DAY: Ranger – Kinver Edge, The National Trust

nat trustRangers love the countryside and being out in the fresh air, so they know what our outdoor visitors need. They’re great at taking care of the wildlife and stunning landscapes of Kinver Edge for ever, for everyone.

By getting involved, you could:
– Feel the wind in your hair, and get a tan without trying
– Help look after important landscapes for future generations
– Use your passion for the outdoors and share your knowledge with visitors
– Working alongside passionate countryside management professionals, learning skills along the way
– Join a friendly and varied team and make some new friends

What’s involved?
– Helping the ranger team with practical work to keep the countryside in great condition.
– Learning more about Kinver Edge- its history, landscape, nature and archaeology
– Helping each visitor feel welcome, making suggestions so they have a safe and enjoyable day
– Helping to prepare materials for our family events and school groups, and even join in!
– Being ready to help, sharing what’s great about the property, helping people understand why we need to take care of special places and thinking about the needs of all visitors, including disabled people and families
– Letting staff know of any issues with fences, footpaths etc
– Maintaining good relationships with people who share the land
– Getting to know health and safety and evacuation procedures
– There might be some other activities that are of interest to you, that we could use your help with

This role will suit you if you are:
– Outdoorsy, whatever the weather’s doing
– Reasonably fit and healthy – you don’t need to be Bear Grylls but you’ll do a lot of walking and practical tasks
– Keen to work with people and animals!
– Passionate about Kinver Edge and know the best spots

Extra Information:
– We’ll help you get to know Kinver Edge how you can help and how you will work with the rest of the team – with induction and training
– We provide equipment to help you do this role well and safely
– We’ll also cover agreed costs of your travel between home and the Edge

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Ewan Chapman
Tel: 01384 872553
Email: ewan.chapman@nationaltrust.org.uk
Website: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/kinver-edge/

More Mascots needs YOU to help them raise valuable funds @MoreMascots1 @Dudleymayor @DudleyCVS

MORE MASCOTSMore Mascots Please is a Community Interest Company (CIC) located in the heart of the West Midlands region and one of Dudley Mayor’s Charities for 2014/15. The aim of More Mascots Please CIC is to make a difference to the lives of disabled, disadvantaged and terminally ill children, based in the Black Country and Birmingham areas, of whom require a little extra support and assistance to get through their everyday lives. With the help of our magical mascots – Mintie, Melanie, Banoffie, toy soldier Marchie, Poppie, Steevie and Merrie – More Mascots Please CIC intends to facilitate as many events for children and young people as possible. Every single penny of profit counts, as all money raised goes directly back into the company and is used not only to make a difference to the lives of children and young people, but also to make their wishes become a reality!

How can YOU help?

More Mascots Please needs volunteers to take part in the Big Fun Run on Saturday 12th September at Canon Hill Park, Birmingham, B13 8RD. The run will start at 11am so we would like people to be there for 10.30am to warm up and meet the team. Volunteers for the run will need to take a sponsor form and raise at least £20.00 as this will cover their entry cost with some fundraising left over for us too. Volunteers will also need to complete a medical form which is provided by the Big Fun Run on the day.

If you’d like to help, please contact Ceri at More Mascots Please or on Twitter @MoreMascots1

Your Spotlight Hurts My Eyes!


This brilliant and thought provoking post certainly demonstrates the importance of having good practice measures in place when involving volunteers. Clear systems and transparency are essential. It’s so true that charities have to work harder at things. Thanks Meridian. Brilliant as always :)

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In the Spotlight In the Spotlight I almost spit out my sip of coffee when I ran across this article a week ago. According to the story, a great grandmother was “sacked” from her nearly 30 year volunteer position at a thrift store for her inability to use a computer. The searing negative light this incident turned on made me cringe because as you can see from the selected comments I pasted below the link, non-profits all get lumped into the big barrel of rotten fish when a charity receives bad press.


Here are 3 comments from readers:

JHR16 days ago
Charities are beginning to stink to high heaven.

ycjarman17 days ago
NEVER help a Charity that doesn’t appreciate what you bring to it !

JBJB116 days ago
Strikes me a lot of charities have lost sight of what they are supposed to be doing and more concerned in becoming corporate enterprises

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OPP OF THE DAY: Helpline/Listening Volunteers, The Samaritans

Volunteers are required to offer emotional support to people experiencing personal crisis and are Samaritnas
in danger of taking their own lives. Support offered by telephone, visit or letter.
Volunteer must be 18 or over.

Good communication skills, sympathetic, good listener.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

E-mail: brierleyhillsamaritans@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 01384 78111