OPP OF THE DAY – Cash desk/Telephones Customer Service Volunteer, British Heart Foundation Shop (Castle Street) Furniture & Electrical

As the first point of contact for many of our customers, this is a vital role supporting our fight for British-Heart-Foundationevery heartbeat.

– Do you have a way with words?
– Can you spare some time to help our customers to arrange collections and answer their queries?
– If you have a pleasant telephone manner then this could be the role for you
– This is a fun, varied and interesting role to support our fight for every heartbeat

What type of tasks might I get involved in?

– Managing the answer phone effectively and returning calls left out of hours
– Dealing with customers queries
– Thanking our customers for their donations
– Arranging collections of donated items
– Assisting with directions to the shop
– Introducing Gift Aid

Our commitment to you:
Volunteers play a vital role in the success and growth of th BHF Retail Division. We value our volunteers. We are committed to giving all our volunteers a rewarding and enjoyable experience in return for the essential support they give to us.

There are many organisations that need support from volunteers, but we aim to set ourselves apart as the ‘First Choice’ for volunteers by following the values and principles detailed below:

F - Feel valued by the BHF
I -Information about how the money is spent
R – Recognition for your work
S – Shops that are pleasant to work in
T – Training to improve your skills

C – Communication through newsletters and meetings
H – Help and support provided by your Manager
O – Opportunities to see the results of your work
I – Included in social events
C – Choice of role to suit your skills
E – Every volunteer makes a difference

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Debbie Priest
Tel: 01384 257604
Email: d22@bhf.org.uk

Volunteers Week is coming. How will you celebrate and recognise your volunteers? #volunteersweek

Volunteers-Week-web-LogoVolunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place on 1-7 June. It celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK.

From showcasing the different volunteering roles on offer, taster sessions and team challenges with new partners, to volunteer recruitment events, awards ceremonies and launching new volunteering campaigns, events take place throughout the country.

Everyone is invited to join this national celebration of volunteers and volunteering, it’s up to you to decide exactly how you join in.

So how are you going to celebrate and recognise your volunteers? Are you holding a formal event, or just inviting them in for tea and cakes. It doesn’t matter how you do it, so long as you show you value what they do for you.

Here at the Volunteer Centre, we’d love to hear what you are doing to celebrate and maybe share some photos, so please drop us an email or include us in your Tweets @Dudleyvols

Dudley Volunteer Awards 2015 #dva15 blog launches today!

As we count down to launching this year’s Awards on 1st June 2015, I am delighted to be launching our new blog for this year’s Volunteer Awards. We will, of course, be sharing everything with you as we go along and prepare for what we hope, will be the best Volunteer Awards ever!

Soon I will start populating the site and if you want to see who was recognised last year, and see the event photos, why not visit last year’s blog page?



OPP OF THE DAY – Trustee Vacancy, Trailblazers Mentoring Ltd.

We are looking to move the work of Trailblazers further forward by expanding. In order to achieveTrailblazers this growth, we are seeking two or three new volunteer trustees to join our dynamic board. We are particularly interested to hear from current or retired business leaders with financial, HR or communications backgrounds. Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System required.

Knowledge of Criminal Justice System
Financial, HR or media experience.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO APPLY please contact:

Sarah Brampton
Tel: 01296 444105
Email: sarah.brampton@trailblazersmentoring.org.uk (please send a cover letter and CV)
Website: www.trailblazersmentoring.org.uk

The Perks of Volunteering. Part 7

Hello all. I’ve had a bit of a break as once again the pressures of society and their rules have prompted a ‘glitch in the matrix’. It’s the second meltdown I’ve had of late, and the second time I’ve sat and cried this year. I am mainly here to tell you how fabulous volunteering is, and I’m hoping that you’ve picked up on my love for it through my posts. As you know I’m writing about my experiences from doing volunteer work and what there is to gain out of it, I’ve told you about a bad experience I’ve had doing one volunteer role, but what I haven’t really touched upon are the feelings and doubts that you get when you are job seeking and fail to get employers to recognise your abundance of skills, as volunteering brings no qualifications or certificates to impress employers.

I was going to continue on my volunteer journey, but I feel that I have to say what’s in my head and heart about this subject. My post today is not to detract from the benefits of volunteering, but to highlight what other people may have experienced, or are going through. These are simply my thoughts, and I’m hoping that somebody somewhere can relate to them, and if they do, that’s great, it’s not always a smooth road in life, and I’m trying to be patient and figure out what I’m meant to be doing, and this is where I am struggling.

I’ve learnt numerous skills since last July, many of which I’ve not touched upon yet. I’ve gone full circle from having no confidence to having a lot, but I now find I’m back at the start and thinking the same things that I did last year.

I am an unemployed jobseeker and I have been for over 18 months, my youngest is 7 and so I turned to volunteering not only for the skills that I could gain, and for what I could give to the community, but also for the flexibility of it all, I can chose my hours to fit in with me and my family. I have no brothers or sisters and both my parents are retired and have always said that they’d not look after my children whilst I was at work, a harsh statement to some, but a matter of responsibility for me. They are my children to look after, I chose to have them all, so it’s my duty to make sure they are looked after. Being single also adds to the problem, so the world of volunteering has proved very beneficial to me for many reasons. My CV has also been enhanced, I have no gaps to justify, I am using my time wisely, and although I cannot record all my volunteering achievements, I’ve learnt to ‘bullet point’ the best ones. Recently I have started doing different tasks in my volunteer work, and it’s been really interesting, I’m now helping to start promote people and will be setting up a Twitter page for one charity to help promote them further, and I’m also helping to recruit new volunteers, I guess I could add ‘social media wizz’ to my CV also. It’s really rewarding to learn new things, and to have people tell you that you are good at certain tasks, but with this boost also comes a reality check.


My work provider bought this home to me this week when she said ‘But your volunteer work isn’t getting you anywhere is it!’

It was kick in the teeth for me, I already feel fragile enough when I enter the building, a statistic to them, a number in the system. Trouble is, half of me allows me to believe it, and the other half still waits patiently for the world to do it’s work and for me to meet that right person, at the right time, at the right place, but will I ? My confidence on finding a job is dwindling fast, my self esteem is fading, and to be honest I’m struggling on many levels with it. I will admit that I’ve not applied for enough jobs because I know that I’m not qualified, I don’t have those pieces of paper and certificates to prove that I am capable, all I have is my knowledge and personality and enthusiasm, that’s all very well in the world of volunteering, but it means nothing when attempting to fill in a job application.

I find myself stuck and back to where I was originally, an unemployed single mother with no qualifications to do the jobs that I’d most like to do. It’s a hard hitting sentence isn’t it, a sentence I’ve tried to ignore for a while now, but it keeps nudging me more and more, a sign perhaps that I should stop aiming so high at what I want to do and use my skills where I know that I’d find a job easier……. but isn’t that just giving in… isn’t that just letting the government and system control me…. isn’t that totally against everything I believe in..YES IT IS,  so what do I do.?

I’ve applied to become a volunteer for Public Health.

A decision made out of being inspired by one of their courses, a last ditch attempt at proving that volunteering can lead to employment, and having the chance to help even more people on a wider scale, and because I’m becoming more and more worried about being rejected for jobs again. I love my volunteer work, I like the various things that I do, it’s a mixture of everything that I’d like to do in a paid job, but it’s time to face the reality that it isn’t a paid job, and am I just hiding behind it all, have I gone that much full circle and are using volunteering as my safety net. My spiritual hippy side of me says ‘keep volunteering, keep giving, keep sharing the love’. But my other side says, ‘you’re not getting any results, you are unemployed, you have to find work, stop being so picky and take any job’.

Truth is, I don’t know anymore apart from the fact that I’m not qualified on paper to apply for the jobs that I really want to do, and that I’m being pressured and made to feel useless by the system..

Maybe I’ve reached the point were I have to say Volunteering VS Reality.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that this post made sense to you all.

Kind regards.

OPPS of the day – Fundraising for Midlands Air Ambulance

Do you live in Solihull, Birmingham or Lichfield and want to support a Midlands Charity which saves lives? If so, we are delighted to promote some fundraising events which need YOUR help!  Please visit our What’s On calendar to check what’s happening and where.

Why not give a day of your time and help support a life-saving charity locally?